Acid Staining arkansas

A distinctive look often described as ‘vintage’ or ‘unique’ can completely transform the look of any dull concrete floor.

Concrete Staining In Arkansas

At Epoxy Flooring Arkansas we specialize in concrete acid staining which can be applied on new and old concrete floors.

We use water-based acidic solutions for our acid staining which contain metallic salts that react with the concrete lime. Our concrete acid staining produces translucent color tones that become a permanent part of the surface. It's extremely durable and long-lasting.

Every stained concrete floor is unique, as the final color will depend on the concrete slab composition, location, age and condition. Therefore, we always apply the stain on a test area to see how the acid will react with your concrete floor before proceeding.

Concrete staining Arkansas

Are you wondering how to revitalize your dull concrete floors without spending a small fortune or going through the hassle of replacing the whole floor?

Concrete staining may be what you need for if you are looking for something that will give your home individuality.
Concrete staining adds color to the floor and produces a beautiful opaque effect.
Its distinctive look is often described as ‘vintage’ or ‘unique’ and can completely transform the look of a dull concrete floor by adding character whilst also giving more longevity.

Concrete Staining ArkansasConcrete Staining Arkansas

Concrete Staining floor benefits

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Although robust, concrete without treatment is susceptible to damage such as cracks, scratches and buckling.  A stained concrete floor is much stronger making it harder to damage and is protected against mold and mildew growth.

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Easy To Clean

A sealed surface of acid-stained concrete is incredibly easy to clean, as its smooth waterproof surface allows you to simply mop or brush any dirt away.

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Budget Friendly

Except for the cost of preparing the concrete floor and applying the acid stain, there is no other cost associated with maintaining these floors.

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You can completely transform the look of your patio, driveway or living room with a concrete stain. The range of colors allows you to completely customize the chosen area. At Epoxy Flooring Arkansas we can get the stain to mimic stone-based flooring to give you the effect of granite, cobblestones and polished marble – to name a few!

Concrete Grinding Arkansas

Once the concrete is prepared correctly, we've tested a sample in a hidden area and masked the pattern on the floor,  we start spraying the concrete stain.

Once the floor is sprayed we leave the stain to react with the concrete and do its magic. Depending on the concrete we may have to repeat this step until we reach the desired color.

When we are happy with the final color, we apply a UV stable polyaspartic top coat to protect your concrete floor from color fading and wear and tear.

Acid Staining Floor installation

To stain a concrete floor successfully, the first step is to prepare the surface, ensuring that it’s free of residual adhesives, flaking paint, oil, liquid and so on.

Depending on the condition of your concrete floor, we either mechanically grind the floor or deep clean it to open the concrete pores which allows the stain to properly adhere to the surface.

Concrete Staining In Arkansas

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