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Prepare your concrete floors for a new surface and say goodbye to the old.

Tile Removal Service Arkansas

Floor tile removal Arkansas

Floor tile removal can be a messy and time-consuming process that results in labor-heavy clean-ups. In addition, traditional floor tile removal, where the tile is demolished and removed, creates a lot of dust and debris. This dust can be a health hazard and a nuisance to clean up. Needless to say, traditional floor tile removal is a severe undertaking. However, at Epoxy Flooring Arkansas, we offer a dust-free floor tile removal service.

At Epoxy Flooring Arkansas we use industrial jackhammers with vacuums attached to the tip to demolish the original flooring. The result is that every fine particle of dust is immediately sucked up and removed before it ever has a chance to reach the air- and your property.
Once the floor tile is removed, the remaining surface and thin-set are ground down and finished to create a smooth, even surface ready for a new flooring installation.

Carpet removal Arkansas

Getting rid of your old flooring might seem like an easy DIY task but it’s one of those jobs that can be more of a hassle than it’s worth. Carpet removal is a back breaking job that requires the room to be completely empty, the carpet cut into certain sizes, rolled up, tied and disposed of.

At Epoxy Flooring Arkansas we do all of this for you and more. When removing your old carpets we also remove everything associated such as underlay, grippers and carpet tacks. We then inspect the floor to see if any work needs to be done to prepare it for your new flooring.
We finish your project by cleaning the floor with our industrial vacuums to ensure it is free from dust and dirt.

We also remove the old carpet and make sure it is disposed of safely. At Epoxy Flooring Arkansas we specialize in commercial, residential and industrial carpet removals, as well as vinyl floor removal.

Carpet Removal Service Arkansas
Concrete Grinding Arkansas

Floor Glue removal Arkansas

Glue is widely used to secure vinyl sheets, carpet and carpet tiles. When the carpet/vinyl tiles are removed the latex or glue will remain on the floor. This must be removed to restore the floor back to bare concrete before your new flooring is installed.

At Epoxy Flooring Arkansas we offer a comprehensive service for removing glue and latex from commercial and industrial floors. We use concrete grinders with aggressive diamond tips and time-proven techniques to remove all traces of the adhesive compound before preparing the surface for the new flooring system.

COncrete Grinding Arkansas

For many industrial and commercial projects around Arkansas, floor grinding and professional surface preparation are vital to ensure project success.

At Epoxy Flooring Arkansas we use a range of floor grinders during surface preparation to help clean and remove contaminants such as old paint, old floor systems and oils. By concrete grinding your floors, we also level the floor and fix any imperfections in the slab or walkway.

Concrete Grinding In Arkansas

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When your subfloors are fully prepared and ready for new flooring, why not choose one of our durable and long-lasting epoxy coatings or concrete floor finishes. We install commercial, residential and industrial flooring all around Arkansas.

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