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Preserve the natural look of your concrete by protecting it with concrete sealing.

Concrete Sealing In Arkansas

A Grind and seal is ideal for concrete floors that have been previously sealed with a coating or are covered with deep stains. We mechanically grind off the top layer of concrete to remove any stains, old paint and dirt. This part of the process also exposes some of the stones in the concrete.

A concrete clean and seal is ideal for concrete floors that have not been previously sealed or are not covered with deep, old stains. We wash the concrete with a pressure washer? and a scrubber, then seal it with a protective polyaspartic topcoat.

Both processes are cost-effective ways to preserve the concrete without spending a fortune on new flooring. As a result, they are ideal for Arkansas residential, commercial and industrial facilities such as warehouses, bars, restaurants, retail shops, offices, residential garages, logistical centers, loading docks and more.

what is Grind and Seal?

Do you have unsealed concrete floors that are starting to show signs of wear and tear? Are you wondering how to protect them without hiding the beauty of the concrete and spending a fortune?

At Epoxy Flooring Arkansas we offer both a grind and seal and a clean and seal for new or old concrete floors. Both concrete floor services are an affordable and ingenious way of making your concrete floors look and feel new again whilst also extending their lifespan.

Concrete Sealing In Arkansas

Grind and Seal floor benefits

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Our clear coatings are designed to withstand chipping, scratching and other types of damage.
As our concrete sealers penetrate the concrete surface, they wear away only when the substrate surface wears away, between 5-10 years, depending on how heavy the traffic is.

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Easy To Clean

Sealed concrete is much easier to clean than unsealed concrete. This is because liquids, dirt and bacteria cannot get trapped in the surface, instead, they float on top. All you will need to maintain your sealed concrete is some mild detergent and a mop or a floor scrubber for bigger spaces such as warehouses and box stores.

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Water Tight

Water and moisture can cause damage to any unsealed concrete. However, we often forget about concrete floors in basements, garages, entryways and foyers. Our concrete sealers close all of the concrete pores, making it impervious to water and liquids.

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Concrete Dusting

Unsealed concrete is porous. When the concrete starts showing signs of wear and tear, fine concrete dust will start appearing on the floor and in the corners of the room. This is concrete dusting, which can be harmful to people's health, delicate machinery and equipment. Concrete sealing prevents this by protecting the concrete from wear and tear.

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Budget Friendly

Sealing your Arkansas concrete floors is a lot more affordable than replacing them. Preparing the floors and installing the concrete coating is the only cost associated with concrete sealing.

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Concrete floors are readily available in every building in Arkansas. They are becoming more and more trendy due to the rustic/industrial look and the myriad of aesthetic options.
This clean and minimalistic surface looks great in any Arkansas residential, commercial and industrial space.

Concrete Grinding Arkansas

There is slight stone exposure during the mechanical grinding with concrete grind and seal. Once the top layer of concrete is completely removed we are ready for the final step.

Now that we have a fresh, clean slab we apply a UV stable polyaspartic topcoat. The topcoat is designed to protect the concrete from any damage, liquids, oils and stains. In addition, it protects the concrete joints from corrosion and the concrete slab from wear and tear.

Grind and Seal Floor installation

As the name implies, a grind and seal or clean and seal process can be broken down into two distinct phases: grinding/cleaning and sealing.

The first step is to either mechanically grind the concrete floor if it has been previously sealed or to pressure wash and scrub it if the concrete has not been previously sealed.

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